6 Things to Do at EACH New Duty Station

Yes, I am a newbie Army wife myself. This is my first duty station with the hubby. But definitely not my first duty station period. Remember, I'm a third generation Army brat and we PCS'd A LOT when I was younger. So it was lucky that I picked up some tips for adjusting to your new duty station to employ when we move and also to share with you!

Research Available Housing
Back when my mom and dad were doing the PCSing, we didn't really have social media the way we do now. Having it now makes it that much easier to check out available housing both on and off post. Join the Facebook groups for your new duty station and ask questions; the ones in our group will sometimes even take video of their homes and neighborhoods so that you have a feel for what you're getting into. If you're considering off-post; of course there are tons of helpful sites that will give you information on homes available for rent and for sale. Deciding between neighborhoods?NextGenMilspouse shared an extremely helpful article just this month on picking the right neighborhood for you and your family.

Locate the Shopping!
No, I don't just mean the mall and the nearest Kohls (though those are important too). In case you're not completely sold on the commissary and the PX, you'll want to know where the nearest grocery stores are. The hubby and I, for example, will shop the commissary for meat and during case lot sales. But we prefer Publix and Whole Foods which are about 30 minutes and an hour away respectively. And in case you're PCSing to Ft Stewart and wondering, all the good shopping is about an hour away in Savannah.

Note the Locations of Fire Department, Police Station, Hospital, Etc.
If you're living on post, this information may be taken care of. Your hubby's Sponsor will likely take you guys around to all the pertinent spots and suggest directions. If you'll be living off post, you may want to look up that information yourself just in case. There's nothing more crazy-making than having a family emergency and having to stop to Google the address of the nearest hospital.

Check Out Good Dentists, Car Repairmen, Etc.
This is also where those Facebook groups come in. They are a goldmine for reviews on all kinds of services and companies, so just ask the question! This is also where you should try to request a welcome packet online (contact that City's Chamber of Commerce; they may be able to help you out). On our team, we like to send out welcome packets to prospective clients with all sorts of information about the area.

Research The Schools
No kids? You can go ahead and skip this one. But if you've got them, you've probably already noted this step in your head. Definitely check out the nearest schools; meet with teachers, the Principal and Guidance Counselor, whatever makes you comfortable. I know the Principal at Long County High School came to speak to us one Summer and they actually do tours of the facilities to let parents see exactly what the schools are like.

Figure Out Some Fun Stuff to Do
Of course, for the first few days, you'll be so insanely busy with moving, grocery shopping, etc., that you won't have a lot of time leftover for fun. But inevitably, there will come a time when you're bored to tears and have no idea where to go or what to do. If you're PCSing to Fort Stewart, lucky you, this is where my blog comes in. Otherwise, I would suggest the old Google, the city's name + fun things to do and see what pops up. You may also check the county calendar for upcoming events.

By the way, I've created a post where I address all these points for Fort Stewart, so if you're PCSing here anytime soon, check it out!

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  1. This is great! I've already checked grocery stores and schools. Not so much on the dentist...lol I am having to go here currently and it is awful (the procedure not the dentist). God I hope I won't be seeing one a lot when we move!!

  2. This is a great list that truly covers the key basics you need to know when PCS'ing!


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