Love This Place! 5 Spot- Savannah Review

So I've been to the 5 Spot now several times and I'm just now getting around to doing a quick review (I know, bad blogger!). Anyway, the first time I went was last year with my sister and brother-in-law just before New Years. I'd heard about it on Facebook, etc. and convinced them to check it out with me. I had this amazing chicken salad croissant and a side of beer-battered truffle oil French fries (yes they're basically a heart attack waiting to happen and yes, they're as yummy as they sound!). My brother-in-law ordered the Chorizo dip as an appetizer to share (of which I was too busy scarfing down to grab a pic) Just know that it was warm, creamy and just about perfect. I definitely recommend ordering.

The last time I went I had a BLT which was just as good as the croissant and this chocolate brownie that was downright life-changing. If you're picturing a small, brown, dry square that you may get at other restaurants, think again. That brownie was basically a slice of heaven. And topped of with salted caramel ice cream and syrup which complimented the chocolate quite nicely.

The place itself is pretty easy to find, located right on Habersham, not technically downtown but away from the hustle and bustle of the main drag, Abercorn St. There's a cute little pet shop across the street which I've been meaning to take a peek into as well as a yoga spot. Perfect to pop in during a day of shopping or maybe a lazy Sunday, as I've read they do brunch as well.

Another thing I appreciate about this place: everyone, from the lady that greets you at the front to the waitresses, is super nice and helpful. And we're always seated in less than 10 minutes (I have "hangry" issues, so this is important to me).

Have you checked out the 5 Spot? What'd you think? Tell me below!

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