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Hi there! I'm Britney Montgomery, owner of an online clothing boutique, www.shopbeffortless.com, and licensed Real Estate Agent with H&S Real Estate Services (I know, crazy combo!). This blog started out as an Army wife lifestyle blog (hubby has been a soldier for several years now and we'll celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary next January!) but, lately, I've been more interested in travel, style, and sharing what goes on behind the scenes of running a boutique. So we're switching focus a bit! While I will still include stories of my experience as a military wife, I want to focus on the other parts of my life; being a mother to an adorable toddler, running a business, and juggling everything else in between. Like what you see? Feel free to find me on Facebook, I LOVE new friends(:


  1. Hi Britney,

    I came across your blog. It's fantastic; I enjoyed reading it.

    I am also a military wife and I wanted to contact you to see if I can mail you a free copy of a children's book I wrote for you to review on your site/ social media.

    Here is the link to my book on Amazon (I'm legit!):

    “Daddy Flies” is a children's book for 2-5 year olds about a smart girl named Katie, who uses her little-kid logic to figure out what her dad does at work every day. Her predicament is believable for children and amusing for parents. It’s 32 pages with full color illustrations and rhyming prose.

    Please let me know where I can mail you a copy.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Brye Steeves



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