Who The Heck Is This Chick?

So I'm a third-generation army brat currently stationed with the hubby at Fort Stewart in Georgia (we've been married for about nine months so far). My dad, grandpas on both sides, and a few uncles are all retired Army (hooah!) so I have a little experience with the military. But this will be the first time experiencing everything first-hand as an army wife(: I started this blog as a way to reach out to other army wives in the Fort Stewart area and share our experiences. I figure we can all use as much help as we can get(:

I currently work as a real estate agent with the Lisa Scales Sales Team (yep, that would be my mom lol) which I love. It's basically another way to meet new people and do and see things that I wouldn't normally experience so I'm having a pretty good time with it. Thanks for reading!

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