My First Strong Bonds Retreat Experience: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Okay, so I'll be honest. The title of this post is a tad misleading because there was NO bad or ugly with my experience. First off, let me say, everything is PAID FOR! We stayed at the lovely Sawgrass Marriott Resort and Spa in Jacksonville, Florida, checked in on a Friday and out on Sunday. I almost missed out on the whole thing; the hubby asked me about it about two days before we were supposed to go with absolutely no information (you know how that goes). I told my mom about how we probably weren't going to make it and she goes "Call him back immediately! You need to do this, you'll have a blast!" Sooo glad she did because we did indeed have an awesome time.

 The seminar itself was on The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families by Franklin Covey. Tons of good information on effective communication, problem-solving, and leaving something meaningful behind for your children and/ or future grand-children. I loved the seminar but what really put me over the moon was the time they allowed us to explore Jacksonville and just be a couple. Our teacher had awesome recommendations for good places to eat and even tours to take on the hotel grounds (they would take you around the golf course, give you the background and history, etc). We spent time by the pool, checked out Dave and Busters (hubby had never been so he wanted to check it out) and shopped til we dropped at the nearby Avenues Mall (finally, an H&M closer than Atlanta!)

I've said all this to say, if you ever go to one of these, enjoy it and take it seriously! It really is one of those situations where you'll get out exactly what you put into it. And at the end, when they give you the surveys, be honest and take them seriously as well. That's what the higher-ups use to determine funding for programs like these, and I know tons of couples (whether without kids like us or with them) would find the value in being able to participate in something like this. If you've attended something like this already and would love to see more, when they ask you to fill out the wellness surveys on post do them!! Mention things like the Strong Bonds Retreat; the only way we will continue to have access to these programs is if we continue to request them and show how important they are to us. If we stop caring and putting forth the effort, the higher-ups will stop caring and putting forth the funding and that's a situation none of us wants to be in.

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