Buying a New Home In Hinesville/ Ft. Stewart (Part III)

Okay so we're finally continuing my home-buying series for the Hinesville and Fort Stewart areas. So a few weeks ago, we talked about the second step, meeting with your agent for a Buyer's Consult. This week, I want to write about what happens once you actually find a home to write an offer on.

So you're prequalified, you've met with your agent, you've seen dozens of homes, and, you've finally found your dream home. So what now? Well, that's where your agent comes in. Once you decide on a home, we help you figure out what to offer (we can pull comparative pricing from the surrounding neighborhoods and give you advice on the value of a home). Once we've decided on an initial offer, your agent will write it up (beyond a few exceptions, we use GAR forms in the state of Georgia) and submit to the folks on the other side (whether it's a builder or the Listing agent). And then we wait.
If you've offered less than the asking price or asked for a few concessions, the Sellers will come back with either a "Yes" a "No" or a "Yes, but with conditions". In the event of that third option, you're agent will go over their response with you and help you draft what's called a counter offer. Once you and the Sellers have come to a mutually beneficial decision, everyone signs and you're officially "under contract". Note: if your contract calls for Earnest Money within a specific timeframe, this is when that timeframe begins, NOT from the date you sign your offer.

Now what happens next depends on what kind of agent you're working with. If you're working with the Lisa Scales Team, we'll introduce you to  our super awesome Transaction Manager. It's her job to assist both you and your agent with all the paperwork and scheduling that happens between and now and your closing date. If you've opted for new construction (which is pretty popular in our market right now), you may need to schedule an appointment to pick your interior and exterior selections and she'll help with that. If you're buying an existing home, it's probably time to schedule your Inspection with which you'll also receive assistance.

new construction fort stewart
Lastly, if you're participating in our Homes for Heroes rebate/ discount program (more info on that later), the Transaction Manger helps you decide what to spend that money on! As always, if you've got questions that just can't wait, you can always register here to schedule your own one-on-one appointment. Not quite ready to come in? You can also message us with any questions no matter how small.

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