The Darkest Child Report

Well, I'll admit this review/ report is looong over-due. We finished The Darkest Child a while ago (currently reading Big Little Lies) and I actually almost forgot to write this up (I know, bad blogger). Anyway, I think when I first mentioned this book, I thought I'd ready it a few years back in college. And now I know for certain. I DEFINITELY never read this book. I'm sure if I had, I would have remembered.

I checked out a few reviews online; most reviewers felt it read almost like a write-by-numbers account of life in the South. You know, abusive mother/ father, check. Rampant racism and prejudice, check. But I didn't agree with that perspective. I felt like Deloris told a beautiful, if somewhat visceral and hard to read at times, story all the while managing to distinguish her own voice and style from those in similar genres. And I was extremely sad to find that we won't be able to read anything else from her; she passed away last year.

I don't want to give too much away in case your either currently or considering reading this book in the future, but if you're thinking about it, know that it's a pretty good read. I will say that the most interesting (as well as probably the saddest) part of the book was discovering how the mother's behavior affects each of kids. She clearly has her own issues, and each of her children deal with those issues in their own way. I also really felt for and related to the main character, Tangy Mae. She's so young and shows so much promise at the beginning of the book and it was heartbreaking to watch her grow up in the environment that she was forced into. Wendy Williams sometimes refers to people who seem to have been dragged up rather than raised up (yes, I watch Wendy Williams, yes I'm semi-quoting her now, don't judge me!) and Tangy Mae and her siblings were definitely dragged up. 

So those are my thoughts on The Darkest Child. Next up, Big Little Lies (I promise I won't wait this long to share with you!). Have you read this book? What are your thoughts?

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