Yes, I Use My Military Discount and I Use It With Pride!

So, military discounts. We all know about them. A few of us will ask if one is available when dining at, say, a Ruby Tuesday's or shopping at Old Navy. But how many of us refuse to use military discounts at all?

In one of my Facebook groups, a woman asked a question about whether the military discount at our local movie theater was available for family members or strictly active duty. Apparently the guy working at the counter told her family members or dependents are not eligible. She was simply asking if anyone else had experienced this. The responses that followed were interesting to say the least. Some wondered why she would want to take advantage of a discount that was supposed to be for the "soldier to thank him for his service". Others asserted they didn't even ask about military discounts when out and about because it "made them feel weird". Someone even mentioned how upset it made them when wives tried to use their husband's rank or importance to get their way. (For the record, I go to that theater all the time whether I'm with my husband or not and I've ALWAYS gotten the military discount. And when I had a military ID because my dad was prior military, I received it then as well).

The whole thing was just a little strange to me. On the one hand, I get that some wives can develop an unhealthy sense of entitlement due to what their husbands do; they may feel they deserve special treatment or are better than those whose husbands aren't serving. And that's a little crazy. You definitely won't find me in a "I've Got The Toughest Job In The World" t-shirt or expecting to be "thanked for my service" on Veterans Day or anything like that. But this woman wasn't asking for any of that. She was simply asking a question about a military discount.

And what's so wrong with a wife asking for a military discount? At work, my team leader, for example, is the local affiliate for the Homes for Heroes Program. We offer rebate/ discounts to soldiers and their families purchasing homes in the area. And I can tell you, 99% of the time we're dealing with the wife initially because that's who typically starts the process of buying a home by inquiring online or what have you. Are they asking discounts for military buyers? Sometimes. But even if they aren't you can bet we're telling them about it upfront because  it's an awesome opportunity that we want everyone to be able to take advantage of. Besides being a discount on a larger scale, how is that concept any different from the discount at a store or restaurant?

Most fine print for those discounts will list the eligible parties; i.e, active duty military and/ or their families. And, in my opinion, the discount is a marketing ploy any way! At New York and Company, for example, I can use my military ID to get a 15% discount off of my entire purchase OR I can use one of the many coupons they email me (you know the ones, $100 off of $200, all jeans, Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off) NOT both. Most times, I end up going with the latter because it's a better deal. So the assumption that those discounts are put in place as a way to thank soldiers for their service is probably inaccurate, at least where the bigger name stores are involved.

As the wife of a service member, I do not, by any means expect special recognition or treatment out in the world. I do not suffer from the delusion that my position as his wife is harder or as hard as what he does for a living, nor do I base my entire identity on his job. BUT. Being an army wife does come with its own set of circumstances that can be different from those of other professions. Year long deployments, moving to new places every three or five years, packing your home up for each said move. Just a few of the issues we have to deal with.

And there are also some good things. Getting to meet new people. Getting stationed in bases all over the world and learning about different cultures. Not to mention TRICARE. Say what you will about the system, but the fact is, it's affordable health insurance. I know a ton of my non-military friends who would love that specific benefit. And then you have military discounts. In the grand scale of things, they're pretty small. But they're just one way we can save money whether we're dining out or shopping for a winter coat or even ordering a home inspection. On small perk of either serving yourself or being married to someone who serves. And what is so wrong with accepting that small positive and using it to your advantage?

I want to hear from you! What do you think about using your military discount?

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  1. Sometimes I feel weird showing my Id at Lowe's to get a discount because this is still so new to me (being a military spouse) and I wonder if people are judging me the way you said people in that Facebook group were ("um that's for the service member lady not your civilian ass!"). That's probably my social anxiety talking lol. Anyhoo, my husband tells me to do it! I do all our shopping and he says "get the discounts!!" and yes I get a military discount at the movie theater, are these folks nuts? Movie theaters are so overpriced it's not even funny. I get my Regal Cinema Card discounts AND my military discounts and I don't care who doesn't like it.
    Ugh! People really worry too much about others and need to mind their own business. My opinion is if you don't want to take advantage of the discounts, don't, but don't hate on any of us that do..mind thy own beeswax. See, I told you Facebook was messy! Lol ;)

  2. Thanks for your comment, I totally agree. I think what some folks forget sometimes, it saves both you AND the soldier money! If you're both spending out of the same account, then it benefits both of you even if you're the one purchasing lol

  3. I hate asking for it, but if I'm at somewhere like Home Depot, where it's going to save me a lot of money I will. I don't get why people get so upset about it though. I don't work, so I'm just trying to save my husband's money.

  4. Oh yeah, Home Depot and lowes are awesome for their discounts! We got a new washer last summer and saved sooo much. That's how I look at it as well; anything that saves a few dollars I'm all for(:


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