Spring Hill Suites Marriott Review (Pinehurst Location, outside of Raeford NC)

Okay, so, as you know, we were in North Carolina for Thanksgiving with family. My Uncle's house was full so we stayed at the Spring Hill Suites Marriott hotel about 15 minutes outside of Raeford. My review, as promised:

Walking in, the hotel itself was pretty nice. Large, open space, well-decorated. Comfortable couches and chairs in the lounge area and a flat screen T.V. that was turned to the news if I remember correctly. Check-in process was smooth and quick; we requested to all be on the same floor and the guy at the counter was able to accommodate everyone accept for one room (we had four rooms between me, my aunt, my mom and my grandma).

The rooms were HUGE. I wish I had gotten pictures, but by the time we got in that night, we were all too exhausted to do anything but fall into bed. There was a nice little separate area right when you walked into the room with a sofa and little kitchenette. The beds weren't too bad. Normally my hubby and I would have probably gotten a King room which may have been a little more comfortable, but we split with my sister and her husband. So we squeezed into our double beds which was actually kind of hilarious. My brother-in-law swore he hadn't slept in a double bed since before he went away to school. The shower the next morning was piping hot, water pressure was just right. The only real negative with the room was the pillows. Two of ours were kind of stained and gross looking. Again, we were half-sleep at the point, so I simply tossed them on the floor and we slept on one pillow each. Had I noticed it earlier, I would have requested new ones.

Can't comment on the breakfast the next morning, as I had an apple and a cup of juice (had to save room for those leftovers!) but from what I could tell, it was pretty standard stuff; eggs, bagels, cereal, etc. And it was free, which I suppose counts for something.

If you're reading this and considering staying at this hotel, one more thing to consider, they DO add a $30 charge for incidentals which goes away after checkout if you don't charge anything to your room. I don't remember reading this on the website nor was it mentioned to us at check-in. Not necessarily a problem, but we thought it was a tad strange given that there weren't really a lot of "incidentals". The breakfast and parking were free and they don't have room service or anything like that.

Would I stay here again? Probably. There were hotels that were closer to my Uncle's house, but this one was a little nicer, and the drive wasn't too bad once we figured out where we were going. It wasn't my favorite stay but, it definitely served it's purpose.

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