My New Fave Way To Eat Pork Tenderloin!!

Okay, so a few weeks ago, the hubby and I found a recipe online that we wanted to try. And. It. Turned Out. AMAZING! (Excuse me for a few minutes while I pat myself on the back). So here's the recipe, if you want to try it.

You may notice, the recipe mentions pork chops while my title is pork tenderloin. We decided to go with a leaner cut and it turned out just fine. If you decide to go with that option as well, turn the heat down on your oven and note that you may not have to cook each side as long as it calls for in the recipe (we kind of felt it out).

Another piece of advice, when it says stir that sauce for a few minutes, it MEANS stir it for A FEW MINUTES. Otherwise, it will turn out like this:

Which honestly, actually tasted like one of those fruit candies that your grandma always has in her purse. Anyway, we had to scrape the first batch out of that bowl and into the trash; the second batch, you can bet I followed the instructions exactly!

So that's pretty much it. We've made this dish a few times since then, and the last time, I actually made an extra batch of sauce because we liked it so much. The meat always comes out super tender and that raspberry flavoring just sets everything off. Have you tried this recipe before? Tell me about it!

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