The Key to Throwing an Unforgettable Bachelor/ Bachelorette Bash

Now, admittedly, this post doesn't really have anything to do with Fort Stewart or Hinesville specifically, nor is it an army spouse topic. HOWEVER, I remember searching online for hours trying to find ideas for a joint party and the pickings were slim. So I thought putting my own experience out there might help a few souls trying to plan the same thing this very minute. You're welcome.

Okay so, first, the case for having a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in the first place. When I got married earlier this year, we tried to talk to my husband into doing a joint deal, but he was dead set against it. Said he didn't want to spend the entire evening with "a bunch of women". Okay fair enough. But we ended up spending money on TWO separate parties, which to me, was less than smart. I was in charge of throwing my sister's party this past summer, and I must say, the best thing about doing a joint venture is the cost. One venue, one event to cater, buy alcohol, and decorations for; you get the idea. A joint party (or Jack-and-Jill, as I've heard it referred to as) is definitely the economical option if you're looking to save a few coins. We also decided against the rehearsal dinner (too many scheduling conflicts) so this was another way to feed everyone the night before the wedding. 

Theme bachelor and bachelorette party
So once we got my sister's fiancĂ© on board with the idea, I had to figure out a theme. As stated before, online searches offered little to no assistance (though I did find out that you can order a Fantasy Show for around 300 bucks an hour). I tried googling them separately but kept running into the same issue: bachelor party ideas were catered specifically to the men and ran the risk of alienating the female guests and vice versa. 

It was the hubby who finally came up with the idea to throw a Mardi Gras themed party. Now, finding Mardi Gras decorations at the beginning of August was not as hard as you'd think. Party City had some beautiful masks that we picked out for the bride and groom. And everything else, we ordered online. I basically googled Mardi Gras decorations and went with what came up. We kept it a secret from the bride and groom but texted the wedding party in the days leading up to the event and told them to dress appropriately (masks, beads, that sort of thing). 

Venue for joint bachelor and bachelorette party
As for the activities, I chose a few bachelorette games and switched them up a bit to include the groom. For example, we asked trivia questions throughout the night, some of them were about the bride, some were about the groom. And speaking of the bride and groom, every time anyone said either of those words, we made ours embarrass themselves (the bride was required to sing a show tune and the groom was required to dance). I also tied balloons to random chairs throughout the room; the guests were unaware until I made the announcement, but anyone sitting on a balloon chair was required to do a shot.

We also bought these awesome, huge, weighted poster boards (kind of like the kind you use for school projects, a little thicker) and circulated them throughout the night asking the guests to write their best pieces of advice. My favorite piece came from my little cousin who simply wrote, "You break her heart, I break you". 
Activities and games for joint bachelor and bachelorette party

drinking games for jack and jill parties
The venue is all up to you. Everyone was staying at the La Quinta Inn so we rented their event room (we also rented it for a few hours the next morning so everyone could have breakfast together). We didn't get a discount on the event room for booking so many guest rooms, but it never hurts to ask! 

Mardi gras decorations for joint bachelor and bachelorette party
I would say the party was a smashing success (no Fantasy Show required!). It may take a little extra digging and creativity, but the key is to come up with an amazing theme and work around that. The theme opens your options up a bit more because you no longer have to do the traditional decorations or activities. You can be a little different and still give your bride and groom the night of their lives. Speaking of which; finally, I leave you with my last idea: a drink that the hubby came up with at the party that caught on like wildfire:

The Chata-Chata-Bang-Bang
1 part RumChata
2 equal parts Malibu Rum and Orange-Pineapple Juice (you can substitute the rum for a coconut or pineapple vodka if you'd like more of a kick)
Splash of Sprite (or any other lemon-lime soda you have handy)

It'll be a but if a funny color, but I promise, it's absolutely amazing.

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