Thankful Thursdays!

So, in conjunction with my #100HappyDays, I decided to do Thankful Thursdays for the rest of the holiday season (perhaps, I'll push it into next year, not sure yet). Anyway, I figure there's so much to appreciate in my life, too much to put all into one post so why not stretch them out? First things first, I'm thankful for my family. This is my hubby's second duty station (first one with me) and we're BOTH thankful that we get to be so close to our families (his parents stay about 2 1/2 hours away, mine are right up the road from us).

Growing up, I've always been pretty close to my family and I think I appreciate them now even more as me and my siblings continue to grow and get older. Having done this all before (you know, the whole being married to a soldier thing), my mom is the perfect source of advice for and my younger sister and I talk on the phone several times a week, trading stories about our lives. It's a pretty cool relationship. And given that there are so many families that aren't quite as close as we are, I'm thankful for the ability to go to anyone for help, advice, or just a good laugh.

What are YOU thankful for this week? Tell me below!

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