November Obsessions!

November excitement! Go!

My Birthday, Of Course !
The year I was born, my birthday fell on Thanksgiving (the story goes that my mom's younger brother arrived just after and had the nerve to ask my mom if she was still cooking Thanksgiving dinner). This year, it falls on a Monday, so we'll probably be celebrating the weekend before. Most likely by having friends over and going to see the new Hunger Games movie!! (please excuse my extra exclamation marks, I've read the books a few times each and am waay too excited about this franchise).

Homes For Heroes Kickoff to Benefit Hounds 4 Heroes
A few weeks ago, I posted about a new awesome program we're partnering with, Hounds 4 Heroes. On the 15th of this month, we're holding a benefit for the group and we're all pretty excited about it. If you're in the area and you haven't yet RSVP'd, do so now, you don't want to miss out! And if you can't make it but would like to purchase a raffle ticket, you can call our office at 912-877-7100 and they'll square you away. We're giving away a freaking 4 wheeler!

Homes for heroes giveaway

Thanksgiving Dinner
So Thanksgiving and my birthday pretty much mark the beginning of my absolute favorite time of the year. (Yes, I'm a total clichĂ©; I love any and everything about the holidays). This year, we're heading to North Carolina to visit my uncle, his wife, and their kids. It'll basically be a full house with ALL of my mom's mom's (aka my Nana) kids AND grandchildren in attendance. In true foodie form, I'm also overly excited about the food. My uncle's wife's sister does a Sweet Potato SoufflĂ© that will knock your socks off.

Richmond Hill Farmers Market Extended This Year!
Hinesville's Farmer's Market ended last month, but the one in Richmond Hill is still going strong (at least, until the end of this month). Every Tuesday from 3-7 in JF Gregory Park. I've never been, but now that the one at home is on hiatus, I may check it out. See you there!

extended hours 2014

So I've seen this hashtag on various social media platforms and have wanted to look into for a while now. So last week, I finally took the time to Google it. Apparently, creator, Dmitry Golubnichy, started the project after going through what he called a "slump of sadness". His friends and family told him he had much to be happy about in his life and he decided to document these moments of happiness on social media. It caught on (like wildfire) from there. I just love the idea. I love my high-energy job but it can also be high-stress and I figured something like this is just what I need to help focus on the positive and ignore the negative. Want to join me? You can join the project here. And find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share your own #Happydays!

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