It's Pumpkin Season!! Pumpkin Farms Near Hinesville

So a couple of girls in one of the Facebook groups I'm a member of were asking about pumpkin picking near Fort Stewart. Personally, I've never been before but, since moving into the new home and becoming more interested in decorating etc, I've been considering adding some nice Fall touches. Since I was curious as well, I decided to do some research. Check it out:

So the most popular one that I kept seeing was Poppell Farms  which is about an hour away in Odum. They're open the entire season starting on October 4th (ha, that's today!). They've got a corn maze, hayride, and of course a pumpkin patch. Also tons of other "farm activities" like cow train rides and steer roping. Apparently Paula Deen and her family will be making an appearance tomorrow (if you're into that sort of thing). Ticket prices start at $8 a pop and they're open on the weekends until 5pm. They also have Christmas Trees!!! A little early to consider but still important to note if you're like me and loove that fresh Christmas tree scent.

Thanks, Heather Pasley, for the use of the video!

The other farm I'd like to check out, Madrac Farms, is open to the public throughout the week until 4pm Monday through Thursday and 5pm on the weekends. Their ticket prices start at $7 but they offer a military discount with valid ID. They've got similar activities to Poppell Farms with the addition of a big bounce house and farm animals including a pot-belly pig named Hazel. If you're into human interest, there's also a cute story on their website about how the name comes from their two daughters, Madelyn and Rachel. This one's located in Rincon, also about an hour away from Hinesville. 

So I'm probably going to end up visiting both of these though I feel like I should probably borrow someone's kids for the day so the hubby and I aren't wondering around aimlessly. Any takers?

Maybe I'll try something like this 

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