How Was Your Weekend?

Mine was pretty busy. This Saturday, we drove to Charlotte for my sister-in-law's birthday. We had Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner (if you love burgers, might I suggest the Smokehouse BBQ Burger with added feta cheese; it was amazing) and then did the SCarowinds Halloween Haunt and the Epicenter later that evening.

Some things you need to know about SCarowinds in case you're planning to go this month (either by yourself or with kids):

Leave Early!
The event starts at 7pm and is over at 12am. We left right at 7 thinking we might dodge traffic; boy, were we wrong. It took about 45 minutes to get to the park and probably another 15-20 to actually find a parking space. By the time we got in, we had a little less than 4 hours for rides and attractions.

Bundle Up!
I posted on my Facebook earlier about laughing at all the teenagers in short-shorts and no jackets. Seriously, though, it was pretty freakin cold. Started at about 53 degrees when we arrived; by the end of the night, the temperature had dropped to about 42. And when you're hurtling through the air on those awesome rollercoasters, the wind-chill makes it even worse. I ended up purchasing gloves (my hubby laughed at me and told me I was probably the only person wearing gloves that in Charlotte that night; at least I was WARM!).

Budget Your Time!
Though there were less people than I imagine there'd be in the daytime during peak season, we still spent a lot of time in line for rides. And most of the lines for the haunted houses and mazes were so long we didn't even bother. I might suggest purchasing a Fast Lane pass ONLY if everyone in your party plans to ride most of the rides. My brother-in-law was only interested in specific rollercoasters and we all wanted to hang together, so the fifty or so dollars wouldn't have made sense to spend if were weren't going to make the most of it. But if you're a thrill seeker and you have the cash, the passes certainly allow you to spend most of your time riding rides instead of waiting in line.

They LITERALLY Jump Out At You!
If you are bringing your kids, keep this in mind. There a folks dressed up as trees that jump at you when you get right on them. People on Heelys that skate into crowds hissing and screaming at everyone. We enjoyed the atmosphere but it's definitely not for young ones that don't yet realize it's all in fun and not real. Folks with younger kids may want to consider the Great Pumpkin Fest, a much milder and more age-appropriate Halloween event.

DO Ride the Intimidator
Surprisingly not the longest line we stood in but it would have been worth it even if it had been. It's apparently the tallest, fastest, longest ride in the Southeast with the highest drop plummeting you back to Earth at a 74 degree angle. This, in my opinion, makes it the best ride in the entire park. The sister-in-law and I screamed for our lives and had a blast.

We stayed at the Clarion Hotel Conference Center which I've posted a review of in case you're interested. And the Epicenter was pretty cool, though I may have enjoyed it more in warmer weather (as you can tell, I'm NOT a cold weather kinda gal). The hubby and I are planning on visiting for New Years next year; apparently the Hornets will be playing the Cavaliers (all I know is we'll get away for a few days and I'll be sure to download a few magazines on my iPad).

So what did you do this weekend? Tell me below!

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