New Bakery Alert!

I'm huge sweet-aholic so I was super excited to learn there's a new bakery, Angie's Cakes & Sweet Treats, here in Hinesville! My mom and I stopped by yesterday afternoon while running around grabbing video for clients and I'm so glad we did. The owner, Angie, is a Veteran but also a certified pastry chef. So, when you grab a chocolate truffle or one of her sweet, chewy lemon bars, you know your getting a real treat. (I don't know about you, but I hate to waste calories on a dry donut from Walmart or wherever).
Creamy, sugary goodness!
We had one of the lemon bars and a fresh strawberry cupcake. I can't comment on the lemon bars (my mom scarfed it down without even offering me a bite!) but I can tell you the cupcake was life-changing. It was moist and topped with this amazingly thick frosting. And it had that fresh and sweet flavor that can ONLY be achieved through the use of real strawberries. So, suffice it to say, this place is super cute, I'll definitely be back, and YOU should check it out.
Yes, I like to take pics with cupcakes. I'm weird like that(:

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  1. Oh, yes ma'am! The word addictive comes to mind lol

  2. Yum! I'm on a diet! Hate you for making me want cupcakes lol!

  3. Okay. I had the lemon bar. It was too good to share :-)


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