Thankful Thursdays! What Are You Thankful For This Week?

So last week, I was thankful for family. This week, I'm thankful for financial solvency. When I was in college, I struggled a bit. Perhaps I should re-phrase that. By no means was I stuck eating ramen every night or anything like that. But I definitely lived off of my refund check and depended solely on help from parents for things that I needed/ wanted. I took advantage of every possible grant/ scholarship but I definitely had to take out loans as well. The last few years, I worked at Bath and Body Works, which I loved, but everyone who's ever worked there will probably agree with me: it's definitely not a pay-your-bills kind of job. More like a little extra spending money on the side.

A few years ago, I decided to get my real estate license. The 75 hour course was extremely boring and required a lot more effort than I was used to. The one thing that kept me motivated was the thought that I would finally be able to make enough money to take care of myself completely without my family's help.

Fast forward to now, and, I have to say, the hubby and I are pretty blessed to be where we are. I'm on a few wives' groups on Facebook and every other day, some poor soul is asking for help with diapers and formula or rent. And if you take a quick look at any of the fundraising sites there are thousands of folks asking for help with this or that. We try to donate where we can and give back, because we both realize how lucky we are. We're not 100% to where we want to be. We eventually want to purchase investment property and have kids, but we've agreed to hold off on both in order to build up our nest egg and focus on doing the fun things we're able to do now like vacations and meet friends for dinner.

I guess this post will probably go right back to family because I also want to add that we're both blessed with parents that instilled in us the value of a dollar and a strong work ethic from early ages. My parents, for example, didn't let me work through high school (they wanted me to focus on school) but I was given an allowance and encouraged to budget and think twice before spending anything. This helps now, when we're purchasing things for the house or paying bills. So, thanks, Mom and Dad! What are you thankful for this week? Tell me below!

**Quick note, you probably won't hear a lot from me next week until my next Thankful Thursday post. I'll be taking a few days off for my birthday on Monday and Thanksgiving! Talk to you soon!

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  1. Thankful for my dad's health. He had a stroke in 2012 and hasn't had any complications since. And he got to see me get married! Happy Thanksgiving and early Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Glad to hear about your dad, may he have many more healthy years ahead of them(:


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