PCSing to Ft. Stewart? Consider Hinesville Living!

The number one question I get when speaking with soldiers and their families PCSing to Fort Stewart: where to live, Hinesville or Richmond Hill? Some of our clients end up going with Richmond Hill. They prefer the schools or the proximity to Savannah. But Hinesville and it's surrounding towns (Ludowici, Midway, Allenhurst, etc) are pretty great places to live too. Hinesville is actually one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia by size AND population (I like to think our new construction helps contribute to those numbers). If you're reading this and you've already made your decision as to where to live, there's probably not a whole lot I can say to change your mind. But if you're still considering all of your options? I'd like to tell you what I love about the area.

First off; contrary to popular belief, there ARE tons of things to do here in Hinesville (and I'm not just talking about on Ft. Stewart). You've got the Midway Museum open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10-4pm. Home to tons of original furniture, paintings, and other historical artifacts, this place is a super fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Or you can check out the Geechee Kunda Cultural Center. Some of their exhibits feature artifacts from this area and from Africa dating all the way back to the 1700s. And they have tons of events throughout the year (at the end of this month, for example, they're having their annual Sugarcane Harvest and Art Show.) Not to mention, there are a variety of community wide events throughout the year like the Scarecrow Stroll, the Small World Festival, Blues and BBQ in Bradwell Park, etc. (these are ALL annual events, by the way).

And for when you want to just get away for a few days? We're centrally located. Two hours or less from Jacksonville and St. Augustine. An hour and a half from beaches on all sides (Hilton Head is my personal favorite but Jekyll Island is a close second). And of course, some of the best shopping around in Savannah and Pooler just forty minutes away.

The other thing to consider is the commute. Sure, on a normal day, Savannah to Ft. Stewart is around 50 minutes while Richmond Hill will run you around 30-35. But on a weekday during rush hour traffic? Your looking at an hour MINIMUM. Trust me, I've been in Savannah for work and gotten caught up, and it sucks EVERY TIME. Don't get me wrong, I've shown out there and they're both lovely places to live. But the commute is something serious. And definitely something to consider. We live about 15 minutes outside of Hinesville and my hubby loves the fact that he can swing home after PT and for lunch.

Okay last thing to consider (ESPECIALLY if you're thinking about buying a home near Ft. Stewart) the cost of living! Consider: a 125k home in Richmond Hill will run you about $1700 a year in homeowner taxes or an extra $141 a month. A similarly priced home in Ludowici? Only $116 a month. And the homes themselves tend to run a little lower as well. Land out here (especially in Ludowici and Midway) tends to be cheaper so the builders are able to pass those savings on to potential buyers. Right now, you can buy 3000 sq.ft. for right around 200k (base price); I dare you to find that in Richmond Hill or Savannah (just saying). Looking for the ultimate cheat sheet? Check out my post here where I discuss everything else you could ever think of to ask about the Fort Stewart and Hinesville areas!

So there you have it, just a few things I like about our small area. What do you think about Hinesville? I would love your opinion, let me know below!

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