PCSing to Fort Stewart-- Buying vs. Renting

Okay so I know I'm biased. I am, after all, a real estate agent. As such, I think everyone who is able should experience the joys of homeownership. The hubby and I bought our first home out in Ludowici in April and I just think it's a positive step forward in one's life, that, given the chance, one should take. So if you're moving to Fort Stewart and you're dead set on renting or living on Fort Stewart, feel free to click away because you'll probably find this post a little boring. I can't comment on either; my experience living on Ft. Stewart is literally about 15- 20 years old (that's when I was stationed here with my dad) and I've only rented from mom (who actually makes pretty good landlord!) But...

If you're considering owning your own home, read away! The market down here is awesome.  With new construction near Fort Stewart starting in the 120s and existing homes running as low as 50k, there is definitely something to suit everyone, from the retiree looking to settle into their forever home to the just-married couple who wants something small to start out.

And Hinesville is an awesome place to live! We're centrally located within two hours of beaches on all sides (Jacksonville, Hilton Head, Tybee Island, etc.) and we're an hour or less away from Savannah (home to awesome restaurants and some of the coolest sightseeing around). Most people moving to the area don't immediately realize that Fort Stewart BAH rates are a tad higher than other bases. Couple that with the current awesome interest rates and our Homes For Heroes rebate/ discount program and you really can own a home for waaay less than renting.

As an army wife, I get it: Fort Stewart is most likely not going to be your forever home and you'll probably be out of here within 3-5 years. But you can always sell when it's time to PCS or rent the home out (trust me, it's a much easier and more lucrative process than people think). So at least consider the possibilities of owning your own home. And if you decide you want to check out a few homes, you know who to call(;

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