4 Ways to Celebrate Military Appreciation Month

In my last post, I mentioned I was working on a post suggesting ways to celebrate military appreciation month. Well, here it is! I realize that the month of May is just about over, but I think these suggestions are still timely, as it's always nice to celebrate and recognize our armed forces whether the month is designated for it or not. So, here goes:

Visit A Local Museum or Monument
Why not express your appreciation by educating yourself on the history surrounding the military or remembering our Veterans and soldiers who have lost their lives? We're not, by any means, what you'd call a "super military" family, but I'd still like my kid to be aware of what her dad fights and stands for as she grows up. If you're stationed at Fort Stewart or at Hunter Army Airfield, you can check out Old Fort Jackson near Savannah or The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler. Up for a road trip? Why not visit the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning (about four hours from Fort Stewart) which features the live Last 100 Yards exhibit that pays homage to infantry soldiers?

Date Night/ Couples Time With Your Soldier
On a more personal level, you could take this time to show appreciation to your own soldier and spend time together, just the two of you. I am, admittedly, a little obsessed with date night at this time in my life; we're lucky enough to live close to my folks so we try to spend time together without little mama at least once a month. Suggestions for a great date night in Savannah? Belford's on City Market (looove their bread pudding) or Treylor Park on River Street (interesting, unique dishes and yummy cocktails).

Adopt a Soldier
Let's not forget about our soldiers who are serving overseas away from their families. I went to create a link for this section and realized there are TONS of sites dedicated to showing a little love to our armed forces serving outside the country and even those single soldiers serving right here in the U.S. Awesome! Check it out HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.

How WE'RE Celebrating
My team is celebrating the month by giving away mugs, t-shirts, and other swag to soldiers and their families this weekend. If you live in the area, come on out to Hartford Estates (off of Shaw Road on the right-hand side) this weekend from 1pm to 3pm. Check out our Facebook page for more info!

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