Transitioning and Retired Soldiers: How to Take Advantage of Your Benefits!

Unless you're new to the blog, you already know that I'm a real estate agent who works with a ton of soldiers because of our proximity to Fort Stewart. Some of those soldiers are retired or transitioning and it might surprise you to know just how many of them are completely clueless on how to take advantage of their retirement benefits. That's why I'm super excited to inform you guys on a class we're sponsoring this Saturday, basically everything a soldier in the Army could think of to ask about veteran benefits and how they work.

If you're stationed here at Fort Stewart or even out at Hunter you're in luck; the class will be this Saturday at 10 a.m. at Savannah Technical College. Stationed somewhere else or reading this from overseas? Read on because I got to meet with the guy actually teaching the class, Charles Ivory, for a little sneak peek!

retirement benefits getting out of the Army

So a little background on Charles: he retired from the Army in 2012 and currently works on post as an advisor to those looking to maximize they're benefits (so basically, he knows what he's talking about). Charles' number one piece of advice? Take advantage of what's available to you as a current OR retired soldier. Meaning, take the time to meet with advisors like him, (they're at every base, not just here at Fort Stewart) to get the skinny on what benefits are available for you specifically. A few more tips Charles shared with me:

Benefits Are Available For Most Soldiers Whether You're Doing The Full Twenty Or Not
Don't think that just because you're getting out of the Army before putting in the "full twenty" that there are no benefits for you take advantage of. While twenty years earns you the most benefits, there are a few that are available after putting in just a few years of service.

You CAN Still Share Your Educational Benefits With Your Kids
This one was especially important to me, since my husband is still considering when to get out and we just had a baby girl. Charles says it's called a Retention Tool; those interested in this option must have a minimum of six years in and be willing to do an additional four.

You Don't Have To Wait Until You're Officially Retired Or On Terminal Leave To Start The Process
You can take advantage of a number of perks, like DoD Skill Bridge (assists with entering or re-entering the civilian workforce), and career and education benefits and apply for Disability as early as six months before you begin your transition. Others, like using your zero-down home loan, you can take advantage of whether you're transitioning or not.

Have I piqued your interest? Meet us at Savannah Tech (Liberty Campus, here in Hinesville) this Saturday and see what Charles has to say. If you've got specific questions, Charles is bringing along a few other advisors for one-on-one's as well. See you there!

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