Not Another "How To Stay Busy" Blog Post!

Okay. So this was supposed to be another one of those "ten ways to stay occupied while your Soldier is away" posts. Mine was recently in the field for about three weeks and he'll have to be gone for another few weeks towards the end of this year. There were several things I did specifically to keep myself from going crazy with boredom and I was going to recount them for you here. I seriously got about three paragraphs in and then I just stopped. Why? I guess I decided the Internet does not need another "ways to keep busy" post.

Not that I'm hating on those types of blog posts and articles. I've read a few and probably posted a few on the Live Love Military Life Facebook page. But something about actually sitting down to write this one gave me pause. It just seems like, sometimes, those posts make it seem like, we, as military wives have nothing else going on in our lives except our husbands. Many of us have full-time jobs (inside and outside of the home) are raising kids, have social lives, hobbies and all the other things that constitute an actual life. Though well-intentioned, posts like that always seem to assume that when hubby's away, we're completely lost and need activities to keep us from going crazy or getting into trouble. What my grade school teachers used to call "busy work".

If you're a wife (or husband!) that finds these articles helpful, please don't take this the wrong way. I am by no means trying to insult you or make you feel silly for enjoying reading them. And I know some of the ideas can be helpful or inspiring when you're six months into a year and 1/2 long deployment and feeling a little nuts. Perhaps it's just me and the fact that my post was going to be based largely on my experience with the hubby being away for only up to about 3 or 4 weeks at a time (we haven't yet jumped the deployment hurdle). It almost came off condescending, like I was writing for a small child. The whole, "how to cope while Mommy and Daddy are gone" thing. So I'd love to hear from my readers? Do you find the "ways to keep busy" posts helpful? Irritating? Sound off below!

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  1. I find them interesting! Sure with jobs and kids you can stay busy, but when you're home on a weekend and the kids are asleep or with friends, it can be lonely! Write it!


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