Thinking About Staying In Orlando? The Caribe Royale Is It!

So the week before last, I was in Orlando for a few days, first for the KW Family Reunion and then that weekend to do Disney with the hubby (more on that later). I FINALLY got video of a hotel for you guys (see, I promised I would!) so I wanted to share my thoughts on the hotel we ended up staying in.

In one word? Perfect. And cheap. Which is two words, but whatever. So my mom and I were originally going to stay at another hotel that was much more expensive and much further away from the convention center where the event was held but we changed our minds at the last minute, and boy am I glad we did. We were searching for cheaper options when a friend at work suggested the Caribe Royale, which, incidentally, is less than 15 minutes from Disney and about 10 from the Orange County Convention Center.

The room was roomy, clean, and well-decorated. The toiletries were actually Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves (being a former BBW sales associate, I appreciated this touch especially) and there was a microwave AND small refrigerator (that WAS NOT crammed with tiny, super expensive bottles of liquor and wine). Besides the room, the property itself was beautiful. They had this huge pool (which was apparently heated) that featured a lovely waterfall and pathways between all the suite buildings and the main building where the restaurants are (we stayed in Building 3).

The biggest thing I loved about this hotel is their military appreciation program. Not only did we get our room at an amazingly low rate, we also got a $120 food and beverage credit. We had room service one night and breakfast the next morning completely free (for the record, we're a talking a REAL breakfast with fresh scrambled eggs, French Toast, the whole nine. NOT  the usual continental)! Unfortunately, by the time I realized how awesome the hotel was, it was too late to book for Disney with the hubby, but I know for sure where we'll be staying next time we visit Orlando!

What's your favorite Orlando hotel? Perhaps you've had an awesome experience with the Caribe Royale? Tell me below!

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  1. Oh it was nice to put a voice with your vlog! It definitely looks nice. That is so awesome you got a free breakfast!

  2. The Military rate is also offered to Retired Service Members. Kudos to Caribe Royale for not forgetting about our Veterans! Our stay was awesome, can't wait to go back.


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