Thankful Thursdays!!!

So, for the first Thankful Thursdays post of 2015, I've been thinking about the past year and everything that happened in 2014. Don't worry, I won't get all mushy, but I have to admit it was definitely a banner year. I married the most amazing man I've ever met, we bought a house, and, of course I started this super-fun-to-write blog. And I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know the hubby's family as well. I thought my family was big, but I'm telling you, his is HUGE. Sooo many aunts and uncles and cousins; for a while, it was hard to keep the names straight. But everyone is super sweet and pretty much like my family (a little loud and a little crazy).

Sure there were a couple crappy moments a long the way. And it's definitely been an adjustment living with another person. BUT. The bad has never out-weighed the good and I'm thankful for that. So I guess the post is just about looking back fondly at 2014 and being extremely excited about what 2015 holds in store for me.

What about you? What are you thankful for this week?


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