Attention Fellow Ludowici Inhabitants! You're Missing Out If You've Not Tried Sybil's Family Restaurant

I remembered to snag a picture! I start my review of Sybil's Family Restaurant in Jesup with this sentence because I realize a fair amount of my reviews, especially the restaurant reviews, are lacking in pictures. And I figure if you're trying to decide which restaurant to visit for the evening, that's what you want to see, right? Bright, colorful illustrations of whatever fare that restaurant has to offer. So this year, I'm promising you all: more pictures!

Okay, so that's out of the way. Let me now say, I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner at Sybil's. Yesterday, the hubby went in for what we're hoping was his last oral surgery, and so the the night before, he wanted to go out for his "last meal" (you know, the whole "can't eat after midnight" thing... Like gremlins!) But I digress. My parents suggested Sybil's; they'd eaten there with their social club just a few weeks before on a seafood night and loved it. So off we went.

If you're reading this and you live in Ludowici like I do, know that the trip to Sybil's is basically the shortest trip you ever wanted to make. Which, in itself, made it a good choice for us. Non-chain, and waay closer than some of our favorites in Savannah. Sybil's is located on the left-had side of 84 just before you go under the overpass. The food was indescribably good. As close to your favorite grandma's southern cooking as you can possibly get. And they have a buffet. I don't typically do buffets because I feel like they tend to be a little expensive since you never eat as much as you pay for, BUT their prices are beyond reasonable. (I believe we paid about 12 bucks a person) and I think that for this kind of food, buffet style works.

I had a few pieces of the juiciest, most perfectly seasoned fried chicken I've ever encountered along with some amazingly cheesy macaroni and cheese and a couple of sweet, moist cornbread muffins. I'm not kidding about the muffins; they were so sweet that I opted for a second one instead of the dessert. Which is definitely saying something, because if you know me in real life, you know I'm NEVER one to turn down dessert.

The hubby's plate was substantially fuller than mine; he had oxtail (which I tried for the first time; they were surprisingly pretty good!), black-eyed peas, collard greens, mac and cheese, and of course the cornbread. And he ate every single drop. Said it was some of the best Southern cooking he'd had in a while and his feelings were hurt over not being able to take home leftovers. Seriously, my mouth is watering as I write this, and I am fully considering dragging the hubby out in the rain for Round 2.

Anyway, if you can't already tell from the review, I would recommend Sybil's Family Restaurant for sure. Nice, comfortable down-home atmosphere and I'd say perfect for kids because they can pick exactly what they want and not a drop more. Also a nice spot for large groups! My folks were with a group the first time they came and noted that the service was just as good with four people as with 20.

Have you tried Sybil's before? What did you think? Tell me below!

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