Looking For Something to Do This Weekend In Hinesville? Join Us For Super Saturday 2015!

I know the feeling. It's Thursday, the weekend's almost here, and there are NO plans in site for the next few days. How... blah, right? Enter my new favorite website, www.MyMilDeals.com (if you don't already know about this site, it connects military families with awesome appreciation events as well as companies that offer perks and discounts for soldiers and their families). They're sponsoring a Super Bowl kick-off this weekend at Liberty Chrysler in Hinesville.
I'm definitely not what you would call the world's biggest football fan, BUT I'll be there with the hubby in tow because there will still be tons on super fun attractions like the Liberty Chrysler obstacle course, Chris's Curbside Grill Insane Hot Wing Eating Contest, and a free bounce house sponsored by the folks at Graceland Bounce. (Okay fine, so that last one will probably for kids only; it still sounds like fun!).
My team-leader, as the local Homes for Heroes affiliate, will also be there offering free Face painting for the kids and handing out balloons, so we hope to see you there!
PS. I don't exactly follow football, but in case anyone asks, I'm rooting for the Seahawks. Can't get enough of that Richard Sherman; he's got chutzpah which I appreciate!


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