Run a 5k, They Said. It'll Be Fun, They Said

Number one: that it's hard! Kidding! Kind of. So this afternoon was Day 1 of my training for the 5k. I found a four week training program that advised running for 10 minutes, walking for 1 minute, and then repeating. No sweat, I figured. I've been working out pretty regularly recently and on and off all year. Tons of cardio! Oh. My. God. I was so wrong.

So the hubby and planned to just run around our neighborhood (this summer, while they were staying with us, my sister and her then-fiancĂ© mapped from my house to the community sign at the front of our subdivision: 1/2 a mile there, 1/2 a mile back). I figured if I could at least run non-stop there and back, I'd be in good shape. Well, we got started, Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass blasting in my ears. By the time the song was over, I was out of breath. I thought, okay I'm just a little rusty. Walked for another three minutes and then planned to start running again. Then my shins started hurting (after five minutes of that, I convinced myself I was developing shin splints). The hubby was really patient; he kept up a steady stream of encouraging "You got this!" and "Come on babe, you're looking good" which I appreciated. After the 3rd break in less than 15 minutes, it was time for me to admit that a 5k was probably not going to be in my near future. So now, I've got to go to work today and explain to all the coworkers that I convinced to run the 5k with me that I'm opting out and doing the one mile event instead.

I told my mom about it and we had a good laugh. She asked me was I going to include that in my blog and I figured why not? How many of us have undertaken something big only to realize we're way out our depth? It happens. And then what do you do? You reassess, get it together, and then go out there and kill it. So, I figure running a mile non-stop is a good goal to shoot for in a month; then, I'll make the commitment to do a 5k the next time the Rock 'n' Roll event comes to Savannah.

In conclusion, I definitely salute those that can do a 5k with no breaks. And I now have a much stronger appreciation for what the hubby has to do in PT every day. God help him...

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