October Obsessions!

Okay so I’m guessing the title speaks for itself; today’s post is basically all about what I’m into for the month of October. Hopefully you’re into some of these things too!

New Clothes!
So of course, the changing weather brings with it the excuse to purchase new clothing. I, for one, have my eye on a pair of sweet Tory Burch wedge booties. I have to admit shopping here in Hinesville is lacking. However, Savannah is less than an hour away! We’ve got two malls, both off of Abercorn (Oglethorpe is my personal favorite). And of course the usual suspects, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Kohls all also off of the main drag. If you’re willing to venture downtown, there’s a Banana Republic, newly opened Kate Spade and Anthropologie, Marc Jacobs, and a slew of independently owned boutiques. We’re hoping for an H&M on Broughton soon.

Trolley Tours
While you’re already downtown, why not take a trolley tour? The weather is perfect right now, not too warm and not too cold. And there are tons of options. My favorite, Old Savannah Tours, has several stops in downtown Savannah so you can get on and off at your leisure. They’re also the only tour company with access to the Sorrel-Weed house, which was featured on Ghost Hunters. The hubby and I are planning on doing a Footprints of Savannah tour to check out some African-American history in the area.

Scarecrow Stroll & Beggars Night
Right here in Hinesville! October 24th from 4-6pm with select attractions and events lasting until 10pm. This event will be located in downtown Hinesville (basically across the street from the police station where they hold the Farmers Market). My entire team will be there dressed up (I’m thinking of going as Rosie the Riveter).

Rock n Roll Marathon in Savannah
So technically this isn’t in October, it’s at the beginning of November, the weekend of the 6th. But it’ll be my first marathon and I’ll be training for it all through October so I’m pretty excited. Okay let me clarify; I'll be doing my first baby marathon (a real marathon is 26.2 miles, I'm NOT ready for that!), a 5k. One of the agents on my team has done a bunch of 5k's and is offering to do this one with me. We’re going to try to get the rest of our team members to either join us or at least cheer us on. Not really a runner but interested nonetheless? Check out the one mile option, perfect for easing yourself into the experience. And there are other events going on that entire weekend. A fitness expo on the 6th and 7th, a half-marathon and relay on the 8th, and a one-mile marathon for the kids starting at 3:15 on the 9th.  First time runner like me? Check out these training tips.

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